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Why Was Kim Kardashian At Jay Leno's 'tonight Show' Finale? And 3 Other Headscratchers

February 13, 2014

We're not knocking the 72-year-old domestic doyenne Stewart is one of the most vibrant 72-year-olds any of us knows, we're sure. And though we certainly get the humor of her playing against her buttoned-up image, that bacon visual is just something nobody needed to be left with at the end of the night. As @laleviner tweeted: The time Martha Stewart propositioned Jay Leno and everyone in America decided to keep kosher. Le Vine (@laleviner) February 7, 2014 Martha might have good luck with that bakini on her adventures , though. 3. Kimmel played nice, Arsenio played nice even Letterman played nice. Why couldn't Conan O'Brien? Leno's rivals, who at various times have been quite publicly critical of him, mostly had nice things to say about him on Thursday, from an Arsenio Hall tribute during his own late-night show to a Jimmy Kimmel tweet congratulating Jay and sending him his best wishes. Heck, even David Letterman, who lost the "Tonight Show" hosting gig to Leno in 1992, made a point of giving Leno a shout-out on his Thursday night "Late Show." "Our friend Jay Leno, 22 years as host of 'The Tonight Show.' Twenty-two years, that's remarkable, isn't it?" Letterman said.
Source: Why Was Kim Kardashian at Jay Leno's 'Tonight Kim K sextape Show' Finale? And 3 Other Headscratchers

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