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Playboy Mansion? More Like A Squalid Prison: Former Playmates Tell Of 'grubby' World Inside Hugh Hefner's Empire

February 13, 2014

I was Kendra Wilkinson porn terrified. They were all looking at me, including Hef from the bed just staring straight at me. I said firmly that I couldnt join in. Hef looked absolutely furious, and one of the girls hissed at me that I was disappointing him. I didnt care. Hefs face was like thunder but I was left alone. Spaulding was quickly dismissed from the Playboy mansion and was later followed by Izabella St James, who left of her own accord. Unsurprisingly both were soon replaced by a succession of blondes including, in January 2009, Crystal Harris.
Source: Playboy mansion? More like a squalid prison: Former Playmates tell of 'grubby' world inside Hugh Hefner's empire

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